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Chantelle Rochester, PR Practitioner

Noreen Daley is a fantastic host and moderator. Working with her has been an extreme pleasure, she was contracted to be our moderator at our annual Administrative Press Conference in 2019 and I must say I was quite impressed with her level of professionalism. It is no doubt that she is ofay with her craft, she commanded the attention of the audience which allowed for a seamless presentation by our panellist. If you are looking for a host or a moderator for your event look no further than Noreen Daley.

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Kayann Telfer 

Obviously, it is natural to be skeptical about memorable events. I have had emcees performing at some of my most memorable events before and they ended up being horrendous. On July 31,2015 I planned a homecoming ceremony for my husband and I took a leap of faith and decided to utilize Noreen A. Daley as my emcee .I can say that I have regret only few things in my life and utilizing Noreen's service was definitely NOT something that I regret .I have received positive feedback from my guests, family and close friends about her performance. I highly recommend her for emceeing at any special occasions/ events.